• Trendy and modern, make your luggage special
  • Vivid color, easy to identify
  • 100% rewritable, 100% eco-friendly
  • Novelty packaging

rewritable luggage tag
100% silicone luggage tag

100% Silicone, 100% rewritable
Non Toxic, durable, eco-friendly, 100% rewritable

Novelty design
Eye catching, trendy, stylish

Variety colors
Come in soft vivid tones

Evaluation from Japan Institute of Design Promotion
This luggage tag is rewritable and is superior for its convenience. The writing can be effortlessly erased with an eraser, making it easy to reuse the product, which is also an advantage. It comes in a wide variety of colors with soft vivid tones, which gives it high points as well. The graphics on the packaging are beautifully contained and the design is quite eye-catching on the merchandise display.

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what's COMING
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availabe color
white orange green blue pink
Material 100% silicone
Dimension 40.5 x 242.5 x 3mm
Weight 28g
Design Award Good Design Awards 2012
HK SmartGift Design Award 2012 - Silver