• Birck style design, its playtime!
  • Precision moulding
  • Novelty packaging design

silicone digital alarm clock w/ snooze

Silicone case
Safe, prevent hurt from accidental fall of the clock.

Novelty design
novelty hanging design

Compact size
good for travelling

We choice the best color to match the design

what's NEW
- one mini digital camera
- wall clock
- desktop clock
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what's HOT
- rewritable luggage tag
- alarm mini
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what's COMING
- sukura coaster
- one mini stripe connector
availabe color
pink orange yellow green blue
white black      
Item Number CB10006
Alarm frequency 4096KHz 50% duty cycle
Operating Voltage
1.3v to 1.7V
Operating Temperature Range
0°C to 50°C
Time Keeping Accuracy ± 5s/month, at 1.5v DC 25°C
Current Consumption about 4uA
Battery Size LR43 (AG12)
Battery Life
Approx 1 year
Dimension 63 x 40 x 37.5mm
75 g